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The thriving international order endeavored by security guarantees, international trade and global commitments towards non-communist world laid down the foundation for the grand strategy in the new age of U.S supremacy. Today, when the international order has about to reach to its new globalized nuancing point, when the influence of U.S foreign policies are much more heated and in-debate than ever before and when the U.S President Donald Trump has inoculated great level of uncertainties, it has become worth considering to research what insights America tends to have for the world now. There is a need to realize the very main fact that “tit for tat “tactics sometimes can prove to be necessary, but it is rarely effective and will only lead to destruction in the name of “War on Terror” or so called economic policy of “True Reciprocity Act of 2020” to find common platform for avoiding any further conflict. U.S. cannot solve 21st-century strategic problems with both the 19th-century views of economic statecraft strategies and 20th century’s narrowed view of great-power relations. The United States must find resourceful ways in order to compete with China for an influence within the region of Asia-Pacific, specifically through economic, diplomatic, technological and informational tools along with re-balancing international strategies to address the solutions for ongoing Covid 19 pandemic issue, civil turbulence and for persistent economic recession. In this paper, various predictions have been made based on the methodology of descriptive and qualitative research, that today’s conservative and suppressed strategies of America will last for a short period of time and will not be able to sustain in the long run due to significant impact of global ideological competition which cannot out the virtues of a “Centralized control” easily. In the end, the paper has made recommendations that the vision for an effective grand strategy of a superpower should be to strengthen the international institutions and it should balance the foreign policy with perilous domestic problems like public health, economic security, and a growing sense of social injustice.


Assistant Professor at Department of Political Science, GC University, Lahore, Pakistan




Type: Article
Volume: 40
Issue: 1
Language: English
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Published June 30, 2022


Department of Political Science, Government College University Lahore
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