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Call for Papers Extension Volume XLI, Issue II (2023): Celebrating HEC Recognition!

Call for Papers Extension Volume XLI, Issue II (2023): Celebrating HEC Recognition! 

In light of the recent and exciting recognition by the Higher Education Commission (HEC), the Journal of Political Science (JPS) at Government College University Lahore is thrilled to extend the Call for Papers for our upcoming Volume XLI, Issue II, scheduled for 2023.

New Submission Deadline: October 31, 2023

This recognition is not just a testament to our commitment to academic excellence but also an acknowledgment of the valuable contributions from the scholarly community. To celebrate this achievement and encourage more participation, we have extended the deadline for submitting papers.

Join us in shaping the discourse of political science research!

We invite scholars, researchers, and academics to submit their original research papers, reviews, and case studies. Your contributions play a crucial role in advancing the field. Let's continue to build on this momentum and make Volume XLI, Issue II, a showcase of groundbreaking research and academic excellence.

Thank you for being part of the Journal of Political Science community!

Regards: Team JPS.

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