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The Journal of Political Science

Department of Political Science, Government College University Lahore
ISSN (print): 1726-6467
ISSN (online): 2709-8672

Plagiarism Policy

The Journal of Political Science (JPS) has a strict plagiarism policy. Plagiarism (any form) is strictly prohibited as per HEC rules and a similarity index up to 15 % is allowed. Authors must not use the words, figures, or ideas without attribution. All sources must be cited at the point they are used, and reuse of wording must be limited and be attributed or quoted in the text. With the submission author is required to declare the originality of his/her work, properly citing or copying previous publications. If plagiarism is detected during the peer review process, the manuscript may be rejected. It is also unacceptable to submit manuscripts to the journal that have been previously published anywhere in any language. It is authors’ responsibility to inform the Managing Editor at the time of submission if there is any doubt whether a manuscript may violate any of Journal’s Policy. 

For further information please see HEC plagiarism policy