The Journal of Political Science. GC University - Lahore

The Journal of Political Science

Department of Political Science, Government College University Lahore
ISSN (print): 1726-6467
ISSN (online): 2709-8672

Peer Review Process

The Journal of Political Science (JPS) is a double blind peer reviewed research journal annually published by the Department of Political Science, GC University Lahore. All submitted manuscripts passed through the Editorial Review where the originality of research article, along with its plagiarism report and paper formats are evaluated thoroughly and if it finds that the submitted manuscript is of sufficient quality and falls within the scope of the journal, it will be sent to two international and two national reviewer for blind peer review. JPS assures that there is no conflict of interests exists between these reviewers and the manuscript’s authors. During peer review process, reviewers will provide comments and critiques in a confidential, constructive and unbiased manner appropriate through a prescribed evaluation form provided by JPS. Following questions are asked by JPS from the reviewers;


Is the article timely and important?


Are the ideas clearly explained?


Do the findings follow clearly and logically from the discussion?


Does it provide sufficient information and in-depth discussion?


Are sufficient, up-to-date scholarly references cited for providing a background to the research?


Is the overall structure of the article well-organized, well-balanced and appropriate?


Overall Assessment of the Manuscript's Suitability for Publication(Tick One)

1. Recommended for Publication

2. Not Recommended for Publication

3. Changes Recommended


After receiving the peer review reports, the editorial team decide either to publish paper or cancel or asked author to change the manuscript as per reviewer's comments. After the successfully completion of peer review process, manuscripts are accepted for publication.